Rules for becoming an admin at the -=WarmupServer=-™s

The admin job entails a great responsibility! Be sure you really want to become an admin before you apply for it!

Requirement Explicit Description


Future [VIP]
Your [VIP] needs to be running for the duration of the next 12 months! As the status [VIP] is required for the admin job and we don't want admins for short terms, this rule is very important for us.


Past [VIP]
You have been [VIP] for at least one month!
Admins need to know how everything is going on. We hope that one month of [VIP] is enough time to read all about our rules and see how we handle stuff.

Report a cheater with a demo! As an admin you definitly need to know how to record a cheater and how to report it in our steam group. Our future admins shall prove this by reporting a hacker with a demo of a not obvious smurf account (>200h).

The Coinflip (and at least Level 10) If you don't want to pay a regular admin fee, you need to dedicate the first Showcase of your profile for our Coinflip Artwork and add the required background for it. You can watch this coinflip at Daniel Sensenbringer 's profile.


Setup Fee
You must donate a setup fee in the form of a skin of at least €11 in value. All donated skins will be added to the next Skin-Winning- Challenge. We implemented this to avoid admin application spam, as we receive a lot of work with new admins. The value of the setup fee increases with every accepted application by 1€!


Understanding of our rules
You must really understand our 2nd rule (smurf/private rule). Especially you are not going to ban people, just because they are smurfing. You only ban smurfs, if you are thinking they are hacking. What are you doing with a guy that has 200h CS:GO, but 100games in his inventory? Does this guy counts as a smurf to you? What do to do, if you are banning a smurf? What do to do if you are banning an account, that might be a main account? Write in your application, how you are going to act with cheaters, smurfs and when it should be required to record a demo before banning.

Work independently For Daniel it is really important, that there are not too many questions. Of course you are free to ask, if you have a problem. But it would be competent if you first try to post your issue on our Internal Forum.


Write an application!
Write an application that shows you are meeting all of our requirements. If you have a full admin, who supports your application and who will help you, add his name! Send it to Please, don't be salty, if Daniel is saying no!