Rules for becoming the status
[PRO] at the -=WarmupServer=-™s

Headline Explicit Definition
1st Major participants If you have played in an official CS:GO Major, you will get a completely free [PRO] slot providing you with all [VIP] benefits, including a reserved slot!

HLTV-Ranking Top30 If you are currently playing for a team listed in the Top30 global HLTV-Ranking you will get a free [PRO] slot, provided you are an active player on one of those teams.


Payed [PRO] slots
If your team is listed under the Top250 of an official global team-ranking like this 99damage Team-Ranking or you are listed as Top1000 player in an official global player-ranking like this 99damage Player-Ranking you will be promoted with the status [PRO] after your VIP order. Please contact Daniel Sensenbringer via steam add and a comment on his profile or write an email to! You are free to ask for it before you order...


If you are a regular streamer with at least an average of 40 viewers, we can agree a deal for a free [PRO]/[VIP] slot! Contact Daniel Sensenbringer via steam add and a comment on his profile.

You don't get [PRO] for... ...a high ranking in our global -=WaSe=- ranking, a high ESEA rank or a high faceit rank. [PRO] is a protected status that you only get for winning officials!