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Counter-Strike 2 at WarmupServer is live ! ! !

Hosting Deathmatch since 2016! Join and play! Free for all!
Playing with Legends, Pros and other serious players. Meet your Legend and become a Legend yourself! Follow our X/Twitter account for the news. See you on the server.

The FFA-DM shots in this video are done by Ignacio meyern Meyer.
The music in this video is from Dimatis. The song is named Seeker.

Counter-Strike 2 News

- CS2 Release 2023-09-27
- Beta Server since 2023-11-08
- Bugfree since 2023-11-23
- Ranking since 2023-11-28
- Automatic Spinbot Ban since 2023-12-30
- Premium spawn-system since 2023-01-18
- Full Release 2024-01-24
The best players!

Proud that over 150 CS:GO LEGENDs are using our servers and dropped a follow as thank you. Check it out here:

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[LEGEND] & [PRO] are reserved tags. [PRO] slots are not for free, you still need an order. The [LEGEND] tag is for Major participants. Please check out the details.