Premium Community Servers

We started in 2016 with developing and hosting FFA-DM 128tick servers. During the last years we've been continuously working on making the servers better. Huge thanks from our side for supporting our service by ordering [VIP] and/or follow our twitter account. See you on the server!

The FFA-DM shots in this video are done by Ignacio meyern Meyer.
The music in this video is from Dimatis. The song is named Seeker.

Counter-Strike 2 News

- Community server support is confirmed

- Valve community server support hasn't started.

- We're working on CS2 -=WarmupServer=-

The best players!

Proud that over 150 CS:GO LEGENDs are using our servers and dropped a follow as thank you. Check it out here:

-=WarmupServer=-'s Twitter twitter


[LEGEND] & [PRO] are reserved tags. [PRO] slots are not for free, you still need an order. The [LEGEND] tag is for Major participants. Please check out the details.