-=WarmupServer=-™ Rules

- = Ignorance does not protect against punishment! = -

Especially the second and fifth rule is not ordinary and surprises many banned people. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Every kind of cheating is forbidden! If you see a player cheating on his or her main account, please record a demo. If this definitely proves the player cheating, the cheater will get banned permanently no matter if he's [VIP] or not.

If you are smurfing or playing on a private profile account without [VIP], you are not safe from getting banned without a proof! Just for being a suspect for cheating, you might get banned by an admin! We are not spending our time to collect evidence for those accounts. If you are banned and your account is private, you may request an unban after you have opened your profile or if you have ordered [VIP].

As [VIP]s are paying for the servers, they are allowed to play on those accounts! However, they are not exempt from receiving a ban provided we have full evidence for cheating.

Every kind of insult or harassment is strictly forbidden and is punishable by a timeban. Especially insulting [VIP]s is punishable severly as these players are paying for the servers! Therefore we have an option for [VIP]s to start votebans. With a 66% majority a voteban is successful and ends up in a timeban. We're not removing those timebans manually.

[VIP]s are protected from being a voteban target. However, they are not exempt from receiving a timeban provided we have full evidence for breaking this rule.

If you wish to report a player or [VIP] breaking this rule, please provide a video (or a screenshot including information about the server ip and the exact time). In severe cases this may be followed up with a permban, directed by our headadmin.

Any kind of racism and discrimination is strictly forbidden. Breaking this rule might follow up a permban without warning. In addition, don't discuss any political matter as we are here for gaming.

[VIP]s have some rights to moderate the servers! This keeps the servers mostly free from cheaters and toxic people. Accept what [VIP]s are telling you. Do not provoke [VIP]s.

If you are a [VIP], don't abuse your rights! In case of abuse, you might be issued with a timeban or been taken away your voting rights. If you see a [VIP] abusing his/her rights, please collect some evidence like a video of 3 minutes and report this to us.

Especially the Terms and Conditions are valid. Please click on the link and read them!