VIP Benefits

VIP features aren't fixed for all times. We're allowed to make changes. This is the current state.

On all -=WarmupServer=-™s:

'Instant Connect' buttons 'Instant Connect' buttons on the pages 'Servers' and 'Rankings' are working on full servers
Alternatively.. your console and type:
connect <IP:port> replace <IP:port> with the servers IP that you like to join
server filled up with [VIP]s If a server is filled up with VIPs all reserved slots are occupied. This is happening only on the most popular servers, such as the European 'Dust2 23'. Normally there's back a slot within one or two minutes.

Weird? Yes, that sounds weird. But [VIP]s are handled totally different in ban questions. The remove of active timebans is consistent to this point.
My timeban is incorrect! Sorry, that this happened. We're continously working on our vote system to reduce abuse. If you were incorrectly banned for cheating take it as an honor and as a compliment to your performance.
More info about this: It's impossible to check every f2p player for cheating, toxicity, misbehaviour.. We wouldn't even be able to watch all the demos that are sent in by our users. Cheating f2p players should be handled by our !vote system and our Rule #2. A 66% majority is needed for the success of a voting. There's another system that tries to ban spin botters. Unfortunately both systems are possible to fail. That's why both types of these bans are just timebans. We'll check all sent in demos from [VIP]s, ban cheating [VIP]s manually and provide a proof if we're banning a cheater. A part of the money for [VIP] is for this service. Therefore [VIP]s who pay for the service have a protection from these types of bans. Removing timebans by the system if the status is changing to VIP is consistent in our opinion.

40 min restriction of course [VIP]s are able to play as long as they want
[VIP] days Only some servers are blocking 1 out of 4 days for f2p players. Of course this limit should be gone with a [VIP] order.
All Servers Everytime You're able to join every -=WarmupServer=-™ everytime, except when a server is filled up with [VIP]s to the last slot. This is currently only happening in the prime time on the two most popular servers in the EU. Mostly a slot is back available within one or two minutes.

RifleCFG your prefered primary and secondary will be stored locally
MultiCFG™ for all configs your primary and secondary will be stored locally
!hitsounds / !damage your settings for these two options will be stored locally on each server

Special benefits on specific modes:

restricted weapons AWP and some Pistols are restricted to [VIP]s. Restricting some weapons in FFA-DM is required. Too many AWPs for example is destroying the deathmatch feeling. [VIP]s are allowed to use all these weapons.