Requirements [LEGEND] Slots

Thanks for your interest in the requirements for our [LEGEND] slots.

1st Requirement:

Either a [VIP] order or following @WarmupServer at twitter is required. It's up to you which one you prefer.

Every order is a huge support for us.

We appreciate choosing this option. You'll get the slot for free as long as one of the options of the 2nd requirement is fulfiled.

Your follow for @WarmupServer at twitter is a huge honor for us and pushing us to make our servers better and better.

2nd Requirement:

You have played in one Major final!

You have proceeded to the 'Legend Stage' at least 3 times in your career (finishing as 16th or better).

Your HLTV player profile should be showing at least 3 Majors under the tab "Achievements". In case this is not up to date, we'll need further proofs of the participation.

You have proceeded to the 'Legend Stage' in on of the last three Majors. This is the same as finishing 16th or better in on of them.

You are participating in the current Major or have been playing the last Major.

Slots could be given away as soon as your sticker is released. If you haven't proceeded to the LEGEND stage and haven't requalified, your slot will be removed with the release of the new stickers.

How to claim the [LEGEND] tag:

  • most simplest: tag and follow us on Twitter (@WarmupServer)
  • or write an email to with your Twitter -, Faceit, Steam - and HLTV profile (including which requirements are fulfilled if this isn't obvious)