About Everything related to -=WarmupServer=-™

Officials at -=WarmupServer=-™

Headadmin, Main-Developer and -Designer

Daniel Sensenbringer

The brain behind -=WarmupServer=-™. Responsible for support, development server and website, marketing and settings. All decisions made by him are final.

His current Steam and Twitter name is daniels™. His real identity is hidden and the few persons who know about it are kindly asked to keep it a secret. It would be an honor for him to get your follow on Twitter: @DanielSen_csgo.

Born in 2077 and travelled back to 2016 to create the best CS:GO Deathmatch servers in the world. Having lots of real LEGENDs in his friendslist. But still waiting for the day apEX, tabseN or kRYSTAL are playing MM with him. After retiring he wants to become an artist, an influencer or swap to politics.

If you need any help regarding your [VIP] order, a problem on the server, a problem with your [PRO] tag or anything else related to the servers please feel free to contact headadmin@warmupserver.net.

CEO and Founder

Berno Wiegel

The official part of -=WarmupServer=-™. Staying in the background. All buissness desicions are done by him. Owns 100% of the -=WarmupServer=-s. Married since 2015. Proud father since 2016.

For contact please check out our Imprint.

Recent Freelancer and Volunteers hired by -=WarmupServer=-™

Web Designer

Avi Thour

Has been member of the project team ‘Redesign Website’ led by daniels™. Ported our website to bootstrap and applied a new design. Came up with good and new ideas (collapse, info boxes, transparent background, ..) and resolved a lot of design wishes from daniels™ (server page, rankings, plans, switchable background image and transparency, ..). He was always available and open to all questions and requests. We’re happy that we’ve hired him as a freelancer to work in cooperation with daniels™ in this huge project. He was a real help and our website wouldn’t look like it does now without him. Big thanks from -=WarmupServer=-™ for his work.

Sound creator:

m i l l i e n

The creator of most of our custom sound files. A real genious in our opinion.
Huge thanks from -=WarmupServer=-™ to him for his work as volunteer. He's not interested in an "In-Game Admin" position although it would have been an honor to have him in our permanent team.

Logo and Graphic creator:


The creator of our logo and the WarmupServer ads you can see on the walls on the servers. Furthermore, he has created an awesome 3D animation artwork for the Steam profiles of our admins.
He's a proffesional designer and it was an honor to have him in our team from 2016 to 2019. Huge thanks from -=WarmupServer=-™ to him for his work as volunteer.

In-Game Admin:


You'll mostly find him on 1vs1 servers. Keeping our 1vs1 servers clean and save when connected to the server. Thanks from -=WarmupServer=-™ for his time on our servers.

As well he help in the past with minor projects like an server offline report functionality as volunteer. Huge thanks again for his work on our backend.