Counter-Strike 2 Servers

Our Counter-Strike 2 [BETA] -=WarmupServer=-™s have been released on 2023-11-08.
And it was to early. Too many major problems. Not the known -=WarmupServer=- quality. All servers shut down again! Sorry.

We need more time to analyse the problems. Within the next few weeks multiple
Limited Test Server
will be spawned in different locations. Please keep helping us with joining, bug reports, retweeting the test servers. Thanks in advance.

We appreciate feedback and especially all bug reports. Send them to:

Please include: the server IP, the time and a description of the bug

All [VIP] are getting their VIP end date adjusted. This hasn't been done yet. [VIP] subscriptions are still paused.

Yours sincerely
-=WarmupServer=-™ Team